Thursday, September 4, 2008

Colors, Flowers, and Borders, OH MY!

My fellow Americans ...errr, blog readers, it's been a busy week. I didn't have time to post so I have two days worth of cake decorating to share with everyone. Wednesday we introduced color into the mix and Thursday we started working with the rose tip (also known as the petal tip) and making flowers.

Here is Tuesday's cakes...a little experimentation with color:

Bottom: 'e' border, top: rope border

On Wednesday, we worked with quarter sheet cakes. We learned how to do all sorts of flowers, but unfortunately I didn't have enough time or cake to try everything. I really wanted to do a bluebonnet so I think I am going to try that next week. Because when you live in Texas how can you not have the bluebonnet in your flower repertoire?!? I also experimented with some different borders.

Flower cake with Ribbon Border

Flower spray of Rosebuds

Flower spray of Daisies

Things are really moving quickly. Next week we learn the basket weave which should be fun.

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