Saturday, September 13, 2008

The Basket Weave

I've been talking up my blog a lot lately so I figured I should probably actually write an entry before I start to lose what few readers I actually have left. (I think my mom and dad have already stopped reading. They always liked Tommy more...)

Anyway, I learned the basket weave in cake decorating this week. It's somewhat time consuming, but according to our cake deco teacher that just means we can charge more if we start doing wedding cakes [with a basket weave].

the basket weave

I know it looks a little amateur...the next one looks better, I promise. But I do like the yellow & white combo. I also started trying to master some flowers. Because who wants a cake without flowers?!

floral design

a closeup of the roses

My purple flowers are roses and the pink flower is supposed to be a chrysanthemum. It didn't really turn out so well...I think that will take a little more practice.

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Gina Cecil said...

Watch what you say...remember your parents are your biggest fans!