Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Bakin' Up a Storm

It was quite the busy day in the bakeshop today! On Monday we learned about yeast doughs and didn't really have time to bake so Tuesday we had to play catch up. Since we were working with yeast bread it took some time management to make sure we could get everything done in three hours. We prepared our bread dough on Monday so it could ferment overnight. Today we started by folding (removing all the excess gas), scaling (portion the dough into loaves), rounding (shaping the portioned dough into loaves), benching (allowing the dough to rest) & proofing (continues the fermenting process and increases the volume) our bread doughs. While we waited for our breads to proof we made some quick breads. First we whipped up some brown sugar muffins. About the time those were ready to go into the oven, we were ready to take our breads out of the proofer and move them to the oven to bake. While items 1-3 were baking we made scones. Everything turned out so wonderfully and so yummy! It was actually quite nice [awesome] to have some fresh baked french bread that I baked with dinner. I put the white pan bread in the freezer to save for a rainy day.

Brown Sugar Muffins


French Baguette

White Pan Bread

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Gina said...

Do you have some cheese for the bread?