Sunday, October 12, 2008

Wedding Cake Techniques

Cake Decorating I is coming to an end...but fear not, because Cake Decorating 2 will commence next week so there will be plenty more cake pictures and a lot of new techniques.

To prepare for the end of the class we started learning wedding cake techniques. On Wednesday, we worked on cornelli lace. I applied other techniques I have learned over the past several weeks (six?) to add detail to the cake.

Thursday, we learned how to stack. Let me first say, this might be my LEAST favorite cake. I did a poor job icing the cake, I am not really satisfied with the color palette, and during the decorating of the cake there were several disasters. And I am not being overly dramatic with that statement. At one point my parchment paper broke and the icing and tip fell on the side of the cake. It was not pretty, but I just did what I could since I didn't really have enough time to stack, ice and decorate another cake.

Two tiered "Wedding" cake

String work, Rosebuds, Reverse Shell Border

After I admitted to myself this cake would never live up to my standards I just through some decorations and borders on the top layer to practice and so I would have a finished product.**

Our final class period is on Thursday, so I will really need to refine my game on Wednesday so I can do well on the Final practical.

**If we decided not to bring our cakes home, they are sold at a bake sale.

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Anonymous said... the event that I EVER get married....will you be my "cake lady"!? Mom and I were just taking a peak at your blog! GO CECIL!!! We are so impressed and proud of you. You definitely have always had the eye for beauty and you definitely have created masterpiece cakes. When are you sending samples to the East Coast?? Can't wait to see your next creations. ~Erin