Sunday, October 26, 2008

A Plethora of Cakes

This week has been exhausting. And has not provided ample time for posting. Actually, the only things I have had time for has been school and work...what a glamorous life I lead! But I do have some great cakes to share. There are quite a few pictures so I will keep the words to a minimum. Cake Decorating I ended a couple weeks ago with a two-tiered wedding cake practical; Cake Decorating II commenced last week with more fun character cakes - football helmets, sports balls & dinosaurs. We have a lot more freedom to create all types of fun cakes and I have so many fun ideas! But until then, here is a look at my most recent work.

The "practice" cake


...and Rosebuds

The Final

Side View

The Other Side

Front View

and the back

I like to think this is why Texas is still ranked #1

Is this the number of a Heisman winner?

If you know my family, then this cake needs no explanation...


One of my new favorites...I even gave her a name!

"Lola" the Princess Dinosaur

T H E E N D.

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Anonymous said...

These are great. I like the UT Helmet. Did you save that one for the UT/A&M game. Great golf ball. At least I don't have to putt this one.

Love, Mom