Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Move over Krispy Kreme...

Did you miss me? I know I am getting seriously behind in this blogging business and I definitely have some delicious pictures to share - be prepared, there's a lot!

I'll start with bakeshop...We ended our time with breads and rolls last week. On Monday we made doughnuts and corn muffins; Tuesday was soft rolls with dough we prepared on Monday.

Chocolate icing & chocolate sprinkles

Vanilla icing & rainbow sprinkles

As you can see we were able to ice our doughnuts with vanilla or chocolate icings and accessorize with chocolate or rainbow sprinkles. Our group did half and half and tossed the doughnut holes in cinnamon sugar. It was a great (read: delicious) day! But I think the cinnamon rolls still get the blue ribbon for best day ever.

Corn Muffins

Corn muffins are seriously the easiest thing to bake. I feel so Southern now that I can make corn muffins. All I need now is some fried chicken. Paging Paula Deen...

Single knot rolls

On our final day of breads we made single knot rolls. We portioned our dough into 2 oz. portions, rolled our the dough and tied it into a knot. The sheen on the rolls is from an egg wash that was applied prior to baking. The culinary side had made an awesome herb butter the day before which we were able to use when tasting our rolls in the bakeshop.

This week was practicals. We usually bake in groups, but for practicals we make the product individually. I don't have any new product to share, but next week we start pies. Tomorrow I will try and catch up on my cake decorating.

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ellyn said...

Your doughnuts look so professional!