Thursday, August 28, 2008

Cake Decorating

I was going to wait until this weekend to post on Cake Decorating, but I was too excited. Today's class focused on the star tip. I wish I had something that showed all the tips and what you can do with them [like the poster hanging up in the bakeshop]...maybe I will look into that for a future post.

First we just did some practice on parchment paper before getting our own cakes to ice and decorate. Right now we are using a whipped icing, as opposed to yummy buttercream.

Cake with a simple 'shell' border

The finished product

My cake is a little ornate for my taste, but remember it is a.) the first day of actual decorating and b.) the point is to practice so I pretty much did all kinds of borders, stars, rosettes, and pop-up flowers so I could get some experience. And I did get some compliments!

Here are examples of some of the techniques I used on my cake (because it's difficult to see the details):

Top: Star Tip, Bottom: Shell Border

Top: Rosettes, Bottom: Zig Zag Border

I can't wait until next Wednesday!

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