Sunday, March 8, 2009

Ice Creams and Plate Presentation

About three or four weeks were dedicated to ice cream and plate presentations. We started with the basics: chocolate and vanilla. We could have done coffee instead of chocolate, but when ever confronted with a variation our group always picks chocolate. To go with the ice cream we made almond tuiles, which is basically a very thin cookie that can be shaped right after being pulled from the oven. They taste similar to and ice cream cone. This was the week after the wonderful caramel sauce so we decided to do caramel again along with a raspberry coulis. There was an attempt at white chocolate, but it didn't really turn out for us.

Just playing around...

The first week we did the tuiles, we didn't form them soon enough after pulling them out of the oven, so as you can see they are all flat. The following week we learned from our mistakes and was able to give our cookies some shape.

Here are some of the other plate presentations with ice cream:

Kiwi coulis, white chocolate sauce &
Mango-Kiwi Philly Style Ice Cream

Strawberry-Kiwi Sorbet...or maybe Raspberry
I can't remember, but it was good!

Japonaise Meringue, Caramel Cage & Fresh fruit

Peach Napolean with Peach Ice Cream

Frozen Mousse

Poached Pear in Wine


so alaurable said...

Wow! This blows me away. When I win the lottery, I'm hiring you as my personal chef so I can have beautiful plate presentation every night.

Anonymous said...

Nice work! I am in culinary school also! I enjoy doing desserts and the creative visual effect you can have with desserts is amazing and very satisfying;-) Where did you attend?

Cooper said...

Hi! Your publish rocks and can be a great study!