Thursday, March 5, 2009

i heart bread

I can't say how much I just love Breads & Rolls. Bread is a long process - we make the doughs on Monday to ferment overnight and then bake off on Tuesday - and we are usually baking about 5 breads each week. The ice day we had at the beginning of the semester set us back so we've been playing catch up ever since so we could make all the breads on our syllabus. And all of the breads we've made in class have been a huge hit at work. This week was particulary awesome because we made English muffins and at the time I was eating English muffins every morning for breakfast. It's also fun to learn how to shape, like boules, batards and baguettes. Here's a look at our breads:

Whole Wheat Batard

Semolina Boule

Garlic and Cheese Drop Biscuits

Focaccia Bread

English Muffins


David said...

Hi Megan,

Your breads look wonderful!

I have been looking for a good semolina boule recipe -- crackly crust, soft, aromatic interior... Can you share your recipe with us?

Thanks and keep up the great food!

Best regards,

Thinkersbin said...

your breads and cake look yum..keep sharing more